Dark Souls Director Wants Dark Souls 2 on a Tighter Schedule

Hidetaka Miyazaki served as the director for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, but he won’t be involved with the development of the upcoming Dark Souls 2.

Instead Miyazaki will be working in a supervisory role and will assist with the production scheduling, generally being less involved than he was on the previous titles.

Miyazaki revealed this information in an interview with Edge Online. He told Edge that he’s looking into some new things, such as server-based networking options for Dark Souls 2 which would be a large step away from the peer-to-peer system previously employed by Dark Souls.

He’s also helped them to get together a full development schedule, pointing out the criticism they received from players concerning the patches that followed Dark Souls and why they should tighten up production this time to try and avoid those mistakes.

I’m aware that many fans were a little bit frustrated about Dark Souls in terms of the scheduling — more specifically speaking, about the patches that we’ve released, he said. I really regretted that, so I reviewed all those kinds of things that I worked on in Dark Souls to make sure that Dark Souls 2 is ready on time.