Crytek Opens US Office with Vigil Games Staff

I was a bit concerned for the developers of Darksiders after the THQ auction a few weeks ago left them without a buyer, but it seems all is well now with Crytek picking up a total of 36 core members of Vigil Games and setting up an office with them in US.

The German company has been looking to establish a foothold in the US for a while according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli:

Crytek has always enjoyed a special relationship with gamers and business partners in North America, so establishing a permanent presence in the US was a
natural step.

Meanwhile the picked up members of Vigil Games couldn’t be happier. They only represent a small part of the original team but at least the whole team hasn’t dispersed. Former Vigil GM David Adams is now Crytek USA’s CEO and had this to say:

I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry.

Crytek has made it clear that they will not be buying the Darksiders IP from Vigil.

Source: Develop-Online