Alan Wake Developer ‘Remedy Entertainment’ Is Hiring!

Developers of the Xbox exclusive thriller, Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment has opened up a new studio in Finland. We reported a while back that Remedy was planning to make a huge announcement at the beginning of this year, and here it is.

Not only, the studio has opened up a new branch, but they also are looking for talented developers, artists and other videogame enthusiasts to come work for them. On the job recruitment page of their website, it is listed that they are looking for someone with iOS experience.

In fact, there seem to be multiple job openings available for someone with a bit of iOS knowledge.

Furthermore, Remedy Entertainment has already confirmed that they will be hiring for AAA titles being developed for future generation consoles. They have also put up a recruitment video showing exactly why Remedy Entertainment is the ideal workspace.

As far as what’s in store for the new studio, Lead Writer Same Lake hinted on twitter that the studio will be involved in the development of the next Alan Wake game. Here is the tweet:

It’s all true. “It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary.” It’s happening now. http://bit.ly/N7bfBW