3000 Gamers Go To War in EVE Online’s Battle of Asakai

The tiniest mistake can cost you the race, sometimes. In this case it did a little bit more than that. One player’s misclick started one of the biggest battles ever seen on EVE Online, or online gaming in general for what has come to be known as the Battle of Asakai. With over 3000 different players involved, this battle was closer to all-out war than any simple fight between players.

This mega-battle was sparked by a small, simple mistake by a single person. You might need a little bit more context than that though, so I’ll explain. In EVE Online there are corporations run by players and some of those corporations come together as Coalitions.

Two of the biggest Coalitions in the game, the ClusterF*** Coalition and HoneyBadger Coalition came to blows after a lot of tension.

The ClusterF*** Coalition is run by the infamous Mittani, known for being the leader of the Goonswarm Federation Alliance. The Goons are famed through and outside of EVE Online. HoneyBadger on the other hand is run by the Test Alliance and their leader, Montolio.

Test were once part of the ClusterF*** Coalition, but broke away from them in some part of 2012 and formed their own Coalition. HoneyBadger went on to become one of the biggest Coalitions in EVE, with roughly 20,000 players.

There’s been tension between the two groups for a while, as often happens between two superpowers when they feel that the other might be a threat. In fact, The Mittani and Montolio fell out personally at one point which nearly led to a war (Which was diverted by Shadoo who leads Pandemic Legion (One of the PVP Alilances) within the HoneyBadger Coalition).

The two main Alliances within these Coalitions, Test and Goonswarm reset their standings with each other which set them to neutral, putting them at the precipice of war. Then someone made a mistake.

Dabigredboat, a player who served as Fleet Commander for Goonswarm accidentally warped to the Asakai system when he was trying to bridge, leaving him and his Titan undefended.

Titan’s are colossal ships that are rarely ever used in direct combat and rarely killed, so when the local players in the system saw one undefended they jumped at their chance to get a kill and immediately called for backup from Pandemic Legion which brought in guys from the HoneyBadger Coalition. Meanwhile, Dabigredboat called for support from Goonswarm and the ClusterF*** Coalition with good reasons.

One thing led to another and as more and more players warped in, the Battle of Asakai began. Once the dust settled and players managed to escape the brutal deathzone, the killcounts started going up. ClusterF*** took a large hit with 44 Dreadnoughts, 29 Carriers, five Supercarriers and three Titans all lost in one battle.

With other losses incurred from the war they lost about 650 billion ISK. HoneyBadger on the other hand came off much lighter, with only six Dreadnoughts, 11 Carriers and a single Supercarrier downed (Some 67 billion ISK).

The Mittani himself called this tragedy “a complete rout”. A total of 3161 players from 715 Corporations who were part of 262 Alliances were involved in the Battle of Asakai.

One player managed to get some decent footage of much of the battle: