Zombi U Lead Writer Discusses Changes in a Hypothetical Sequel

Gabrielle Shrager, Lead Writer and Story Design director for the Wii U title Zombi U has recently come out and said what she would change in a Zombi U sequel if one were to be announced:

More melee weapons would be one of the first things on our list. Give me a halberd to keep those zombies back! The pickings in the Tower of London’s armory would feel like Christmas!

The cricket bat was designed to be used almost as a last resort, significant because it’s such a violent assault on your senses. Players quickly learn that it won’t save their bacon against more than one zombie at a time (either the hard way, or by listening to the Prepper).

Some players depend on it entirely instead of scavenging for ammo and new gear, and these players deserve a richer melee experience.

I feel this would be a step in the right direction, but why stop there? Let me break the glass, shoot out the car windows, push all the stuff lying in the offices around.

Let me pick it up and throw it at the zombies or use some of the things as melee weapons. Let me break crates, shoot out lights etc. Give me the freedom to interact with the environment and use it as my plaything.

Source: MyNintendoNews