Torchlight 2: Synergies Mod Adds New Necromancer Class and More End Game Content

Introducing the Synergies mod for Torchlight II, which brings a huge overhaul to the game by adding new enemies, end game content and a new class as well.

Torchlight II itself boasts a large amount of game content, but knowing how wonderful the game is, many would have already gone through most of the end game content. Such players should divert their attention to the Synergies mod now.

Consider the mod as an unofficial expansion pack for the game. It brings with itself a number of new Elite class mobs, extra maps with new dungeons and bosses, new armor sets, and best of all we get a new class – the Necromancer.

Abilities of the Necromancer are somewhat similar to what we had in Diablo 2. This time though you can summon a ridiculous amount of monsters. Alongside he gets ‘Skull Barrage’ as his primary skill. It shoots out multiple exploding poisonous ooze.

A word of caution here. The Synergies mod is catered to high level players with good wears. Accessing the areas on lower levels would be suicide.

You can download the mod from their official website. The mod comes bundled with a number of other community mods as well.