GTA 5: GameStop’s Ad Reveals New Artwork

A new artwork for Grand Theft Auto V has surfaced, via a retailer ad. The artwork features an armed biker who has a duffel bag thrown back on his shoulders, gunning his engine. A police chopper in the background completes the tale of a probable robber/gangster being chased down by the law.

The artwork was shown on an ad placed by US games store GameStop. Rockstar has already confirmed that the upcoming GTA 5 will be officially released in Spring of 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A separate version for the PC and Wii U are “up for consideration.” However, judging back previous GTA titles, the PC version will definitely be released around 6-8 months after the release of the console versions.

Grand Theft Auto games have always been a prime source of entertainment for the PC modders. I’m sure many are just aching to try out some HD texture packs and improved lighting etc on the new installment.

GTA V Biker