Planetside 2: New Wave of Bans Wipes Away Aimbotters

Another wave of bans have been issued by Sony Online Entertainment to get rid of players using aimbots in Planetside 2.

The confirmation came through John Smedley, Sony’s president, who tweeted:

Our CS guys are banning the crap out of a whole bunch of idiots.

One would think that such rash acts would be done by new players. Smedley though revealed that two of the players who got banned have already racked up to 300 hours each of game time. One of them even has spent around $250 on additional in-game armor and goods.

Buh bye. Thanks for playing. Bunch of aimbots crashing like crazy now.

Last year, Sony announced that any player who would mod the game in any way would be permanently banned as well Additional mods that change your UI or other eye candy are banned as well.