Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge Operation BALLISTIC

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is holding a double XP weekend and Battlefield 3 has its own competition planned for the weekend but it seems Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is not willing to be outdone.

Bioware announced the N7 Challenge taking place this weekend titled Operation BALLISTIC:

“Operation BALLISTIC (Jan 25th-27th)

Event Description: Recon has new estimates on the number of Reaper creatures, and the news is dire. Each of you must inflict as many casualties as possible, and we must destroy husk-creation mechanisms like Dragon’s Teeth. If we fail to accomplish this, we will be even more outnumbered in the coming days.

Individual Goal: Earn any gold weapon medal (Assault Rifle/Heavy Pistol/Shotgun/Sniper Rifle/Submachine Gun).

Reward: Commendation Pack”

Basically, what this means is that you just have to earn a gold weapon medal. Make sure to add that to your busy schedule for this weekend.