God of War: Ascension to Include Last of Us Demo

If you’ve been enjoying the God of War: Ascension demo on Playstation Network the past week or so, then you’ll be interested to know that you’ll get a nice bonus for picking up the actual game.

The Playstation Blog  announced today that every copy of Ascension, which will be released March 12th, will include a demo for the much anticipated post apocalypse game, The Last of Us.  All you’ll have to do is load up the God of War: Ascension disc and access the demo from the menu.  The only catch is that it won’t be available right away.

You’ll be able to access the demo chapter of The Last of Us “at a later date” according to the Playstation Blog.  No word on when this “later date” will be, however.

If you’re not going to be picking up God of War: Ascension, though, you’ll just have to wait till May 7th when The Last of Us hits shelves for real.