Free-to-Play MOBA Game SMITE Now in Open Beta

People keeping up with MOBAs will already know about SMITE which has been in a closed beta for quite some time now. For those of you who are tired of waiting there is good news, the open beta is now available.

The game of course if you didn’t already know is free-to-play like League of Legends. Also similar to League of Legends and DOTA, the game features two opposing teams of five players and three lanes.

There are towers and minions that attack them. You control any one of the several Gods, the SMITE equivalent of champions from LoL and heroes from DOTA.

What makes this game unique is that of course it is slightly different in gameplay mechanics but also the fact that it is in third person unlike the top-down view of other MOBAs.

What’s more, developer Hi-rez without wasting a breath has also announced a Season competition offering a $100,000 prize. There is also a special skin at the time of release for players who take initiative and get to level 30.

You can download the client and sign up for an account by following this link.