Halo 4: Monday Update Includes Spartan Ops Ep 7 and Grifball Playlist

The next multiplayer update for Halo 4 is scheduled to go live on Monday, January 28. With just the weekend between us, 343 Industries has posted featured details of the upcoming update.

The update will feature episode 7 of Spartan Ops, which includes five new missions. Additionally the ‘Grifball’ playlist will also be included, in which two teams of four attempt to plant a bomb on the opposing team’s spawn point. Players will only be able to battle using Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords.

Apart from that two new Specializations will be unlocked as well – Engineer and Stalker. Also happening next week is the unlocking of two new Specializations, Engineer and Stalker:

Engineer: Spartan optimization for the subversion, repair and reconstitution of a wide range of technology, including Covenant and Forerunner complex networks. The Drop Recon Armor Mod allows users to predict the location and time of an Ordnance Drop through an external suborbital monitoring system.

Stalker: Spartan optimization for target shadowing missions which require tactical invisibility despite operating at an extremely close range to the target itself. The Nemesis armor mod allows users to target and track down previous attacking enemies, highlighting them on the armor’s passive sensors.