Ghostbusters Free To Play Game Hits App Store Today

From developer Beeline Interactive and Publisher Capcom comes a new free-to-play game in the same vein as Farmville but with a touch of XCOM thrown in for good measure.

The new Ghostbusters game has Peter Venkman and his team of paranormal investigators/eliminators battling ghosts in New York City while attempting to climb a tower to defeat the ghosts within. 

You’ll recruit new Ghostbusters, research new equipment and earn money to build up the Firehouse over time.  You’ll be managing resources and experimenting on ghosts just like you’ve always wanted.

The list of features are more thoroughly outlined in the appstore and they sound pretty meaty for a game like this:

  • Earn money and slime by capturing and collecting ghosts throughout New York City
  • Climb the tower, floor by floor, by breaching slime barriers and battling floor bosses
  • Conduct research to upgrade your equipment so you can bust even bigger, badder, ghosts
  • Hire new Ghostbusters, and run experiments to improve and expand your franchise
  • Experiment on ghosts in your containment unit to discover the secrets to beating them and to unlock new upgrades
  • Explore even more of the city by purchasing permits, completing ghost busting missions, or by spending Power Cores
  • It’s time to send these spooks back where they came from…or to their nearest convenient parallel dimension!

While the game itself is free to play, there’s sure to be a giant twinkie amount of micro-transactions as this is the same team who brought us Smurf’s Village as well as Capcom being known for DLC-ing their fans to death.

Check it out today on the iOS Appstore because bustin’ makes you feel good, right?