DOTA 2 Adds Troll Warlord And All Random Game Mode

DOTA 2 gets a fairly eventful patch today, which marks the arrival of Troll Warlord, coming to the hero pool. Along with the new hero, comes a beloved favorite game mode from the original DOTA, all random.

For those of you who didn’t play the original DOTA, or are simply curious as to what the Troll Warlord brings to the table, then allow me to indulge you with a quick summary of his skill set.

The Troll Warlord’s first skill, Berserker Rage, allows the Troll Warlord to swap between melee and ranged stance. While in melee, you gain bonus move speed, additional damage, health and the ability to bash.

His second ability changes depending on which stance he’s in. If you’re in ranged stance, you can throw axes in a cone, which deals minimal damage and slows anyone it hits by 35%, for a fairly long duration. In melee stance, however, the Troll Warlord does moderate damage in a small area around him, while also blinding anyone he hit with the ability.

His last two abilities both increase his attack speed, which synergies with his melee stance, enabling him to effectively stunlock people weary enough to get within melee range of him. His ultimate, Battle Trance, gives a massive, but short boost to the attack speed of all the heroes on the Troll Warlord’s team. With this short, but massive boost to his attack speed, he can quickly stack his passive ability, Fervor, which gives him higher and higher attack speed, the more times he attacks a single target.

The key to mastering Troll Warlord, is learning when to be in which stance, at what time. Good luck!