Crytek Acquires Homefront Franchise At THQ Bankruptcy Auction

The latest news from THQ’s bankruptcy auction is that developer Crytek has acquired the Homefront franchise by bidding $544,218. According to the notice of Auction Results, Crytek was the only bidder for the said IP.

Last year we were told that THQ already has Crytek working on a second installment in the series. The original Homefront was released in 2011 by Koas Studios and saw to decent sales. However, over all the game failed to meet the hype surrounding it prior to its release. Crytek looks forward to correcting that with a superior followup that will “benefit from the very latest CryENGINE technology”.

Homefront 2 has been in development for several years and is targeted for a release in 2014.

Last year THQ declared itself bankrupt and had all of its assets offered for sale.