“The Secret World” to Make Purchases Universal

In-game money shops & micro-transactions, they’re the bane of most MMO player’s existence.  The creators of The Secret World are at least trying to ease the pain a bit by shirking a trope of these purchases and that’s allowing a purchase to cross characters.

Starting today, any pets you unlock in the store will be unlocked for your account and not just for a single character.  The development team also has plans to do this for the outfits you can buy as well.  What this means is that one single purchase gets you that adorable little pet or cute little outfit for all of your toons, not just your main.

In even more player-friendly news, the game is also going to be putting together a veteran rewards program for subscribers. Each month of subscription provides Veteran Points, awarded at the same time that the subscription awards bonus cash shop points. Veterans can then spend the points on a variety of items, including new consumables, outfits, pets, and training dummies. It’s always nice to have some extra benefits to being a long time fan of a game, so if you’re already enjoying deciphering conspiracy, there’s extra motivation to keep going.