SimCity to Feature Smaller Cities, but Denser Activity

The engine powering Maxis’ SimCity reboot, GlassBox, is responsible for the individual activities of each Sim, as well as each vehicle and building. Its tragic flaw, so to speak, is that cities in SimCity are confined to tiny square borders. Or as Creative Director Ocean Quiqley says, “a matter of trade-offs.”

“The game has to run smoothly on ordinary computers,” said Quigley. “And I decided that it’s better to make cities with dense activity and visual detail over cities that are sprawling, but low resolution and inert.”

All in all, SimCity’s cities are “about the size of SC4’s medium sized cities,” tweeted Quigley.

What about if you have a super-powered rig? Can you get all the minute details with the large-scale cities? In a word: no. Or at least not at launch, as Quigley replied “Of course, I’d like to have it all.”

We’ll keep you updated on SimCity as we get more information.

Source PC Gamer