FAKE – Rumor: Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console To Be Simply Named ‘Xbox’

According to a new report Microsoft’s next-generation console is simply going to be called ‘Xbox’ rather than the speculated ‘Xbox 720’.

Pocket-Lint claims that their source is someone “very close to the project” and that Microsoft’s new console would act as a medium for a number of other devices; one of which is a 7 inch gaming tablet called the X-Surface, which will allegedly not be a Windows 8 or Windows RT device. The tablet will be able to access games, music and video files from the console but will not have its own apps.

Their source also claimed that majority of all leaked information regarding the specifications of the console were true. Previously rumored news of the hardware running 8 CPU cores at 1.6Ghz was corrected by the source, saying that they will actually run at 1.9Ghz each.

One benchmark used internally has been a custom build Watch Dogs E3 demo which runs at 55-to-60fps with only five cores at 100 per cent.

Finally the source also claimed that he had “witnessed Unreal Engine 3 demos running at a solid 60fps” on the device. All I can say is ‘wow’.

Update: As with all rumors, we’re supposed to take them simply with a pinch of salt. This time around the rumor later proved to be a simple hoax and we apologize if we unintentionally misled you.