Fighting Game Parody ‘Divekick’ Coming to PS3, Vita and PC

It started out as a parody of fighting games, but quickly turned into so much more. Now Divekick is coming to the PS3, Vita and PC this spring by way of Iron Galaxy Studios.

Created by Shoryuken editor-in-chief Adam “Keits” Heart, Divekick uses a two-button scheme in the most minimalist of ways. Starting off as a parody, Divekick quickly began to draw long lines at fight game competitions. Eventually Heart sought out a Kickstarted campaign to bring Divekick to the PC, and while it reached its goal, Heart found a sole backer in the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Darkstalkers developer Iron Galaxy.

“Once I played Divekick , I knew I had to steal it from its creator and reap the benefits for myself,” said Iron Galaxy president Dave Lang. “I look forward to seeing Divekick Cyber Athletes on cereal boxes in the near future.”

“Divekick is good at two things: teaching some of the basics of fighting game to players of any skill, and ending friendships,” said Heart. “I partnered with Iron Galaxy because I know they love these things as much as I do.”

Source: Eurogamer