Destiny Leak was ‘Turned into a Positive’ According to Bungie

In a potentially crippling piece of misfortune, Bungie’s Destiny project was leaked last November, but the studio has taken it in stride. They handled the leak admirably, by acknowledging it and using it to open up a conversation with the fans by releasing concept art and such.

I think our response was typical Bungie. We just took it in our stride and, instead of making it a negative, we turned it into a positive. We initiated a conversation with our fans, which we hadn’t done in a really long time. And I think having done that, the great reaction that we got from it really made us all very excited internally. It motivated us.

If you want to know more about Destiny you’ll have to wait until this year’s GDC. There in a lecture Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett will tell us how Bungie is building the world of Destiny, a universe that will hold 10 years’ worth of games and associated media from the studio and publisher Activision.

Source: Edge