Dead Space 3’s Co-op Seems Promising

Steve Papoutsis, executive producer for Dead Space 3 recently talked to the good people at the Escapist Magazine and had a lot to say about the Co-op portion of Visceral Games’ upcoming addition to the Dead Space franchise.

According to Papoutsis, the team worked really hard to design a co-op system that actually worked. In essence a system that would not detract from the story, and did not seem tacked on. The way they’ve done this is by implementing a Drop-in/Drop-out type of Co-op. John Carver is a fully fleshed out character with his own backstory and motives. This kind of a solution seems kind of obvious so one wonders why other series have not done this before. Steve explains why:

It was very difficult to create a game that allows for drop-in/drop-out, that’s why you don’t see it so much. It was shockingly difficult […]the team, a lot of those people were asking ‘Why are we doing this? It’s so hard!’ Because our players will like it […]the fact that we did what we [did] to me is amazing and I hope people see that.

According to Papoutsis, another problem with traditional co-op is that the person who was player 1 usually has the save file, meaning that since you were player 2 you could not continue the story unless playing alongside your partner. Well in Dead Space 3 it doesn’t matter if you’re player 1 or 2, you have a locally saved game, and you can continue the story by yourself, while still having all the loot you’ve collected from co-op.

Speaking of loot, another problem with traditional co-op, according to Papoutsis that won’t be concern in the game. Whenever a drawer or a cabinet is opened, each player will receive a new item. It won’t necessarily be the same item for each player, one might receive health while the other gets ammo, but you will both get goodies.

Here’s hoping that Dead Space 3 will be everything that it’s cracked out to be.

Dead Space 3 will be out for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on February 5.