Blizzard All-Stars “Still in the Works” says Chris Sigaty

Awhile back, Blizzard All-Stars seemed to fade into the distance as the developer lost its trademark dispute with Valve.  If you’ve been wondering what eventually happened to Blizzard’s entry into the “DOTA” arena, though, Starcraft 2 production director Chris Sigaty is here to ease your fears.

“It’s still actively being worked on.  A lot of the stuff that’s remainging right now, that we need to focus on, are the systems necessary to pull off a game with a different business model than StarCraft 2.” Sigaty told Eurogame earlier today.

It appears that Blizzard is mainly held up trying to figure out what business model they want to employ with All-Stars.  While they won’t officially confirm if it’s going to be Free-to-Play, it’s definitely headed in that direction.

StarCraft 2 is a box. We intend to do something different with the business model in Blizzard All-Stars, something more closely resembling the other types of games in that genre, the MOBA-style games that are out there today, and being able to sell smaller amounts of things to players, the things they want.”

The standard “MOBA” model Sigaty refers to is one that just about every arena combat game employs;  from the original DOTA to the popular League of Legends.  The game itself is free, while character unlocks, skins, and the always entertaining hats, will cost you your hard earned money.

Blizzard originally intended All-Stars to be a DLC game mode for StarCraft 2 and it began to grow into its own separate entity.  Something Chris Sigaty reassures us.

“We’ll go into more details in the future but I suspect you will not have to have StarCraft 2 to play [it]. We’re definitely emphasizing it as its own product in the future”