Are We Finally Getting a Legitimate Contra Mobile Game?

The iOS App Store has had it’s share of  IP-stealing releases, and what may, or may not, surprise you is that Konami’s Contra series is one of the most popular targets.

Usually a game with a ridiculous name like Alien Shooty,  Nostalgia Bomber, or Running Rambo that doesn’t mention anything about Contra will pop up and it will end up being nothing more than a ripped ROM of the NES or arcade versions that somebody threw crappy touch controls onto to. Usually they get taken down only to be replaced by a slightly different version shortly thereafter.  Just quick little cash grabs by independent game makers.

It’s really fascinating to see how often this happens, but if the Chinese app store is any indication, we may finally get the real deal!  An eagle-eyed forum member over at Touch Arcade noticed a game called Contra Evolution pop up recently.  It looks like Contra Evolution is based on the original Contra but with enhanced visuals and a butt-load of new playable characters.

It appears to use simple virtual controls for handling, like most games of its type do, which could make what is one of the most notoriously difficult games of all time, even more difficult. Here’s hoping there’s a difficulty adjustment setting for the iOS release.  Maybe the Konami code will even work.

Feel free to check it out if you have access to the Chinese app store and let us know if it’s the real deal or not!