The Walking Dead Comes to Australia With New MA15+ Rating

With the introduction of the new adult rating system for games in Australia more games can be made accessible. This means that the episodic adventure series The Walking Dead which features content aimed at mature audience will now finally be released in Australia.

The game was available for download through digital retailer Steam and also through the developer Telltale Games official website. Through the new MA15+ rating it will now be available officially to Australian gamers. Telltale released a statement to confirm this news:

Telltale can confirm today that the award-winning game series The Walking Dead was submitted to the Australian Classification Board and has received a rating of MA15+. The game will be available for purchase digitally on consoles via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network very soon. We will confirm expected release dates shortly. Retail release dates for The Walking Dead on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in Australia will also be announced in the coming weeks.

This new rating will be a welcome news for Australian gamers as this means other games which would not be accessible before will now be available for them.