Dead Space 3 Will Feature Micro-Transactions To Unlock Weapons

Dead Space 3 is going to feature micro-transactions that will allow players to pick up some major weapons and gear early on in the game. The feature is purely optional and aimed at those who want to save time. The same weapons and gear can also be acquired in the game by visiting the Weapon Benches and constructing them using your in-game resources.

Speaking to OXM, associate producer Yara Khoury said:

You can absolutely choose to ignore the in game micro-transactions. I think it’s made for people who aren’t necessarily as savvy as others with exploration, or maybe they just don’t want to spend the time to go and find resources, and they want to maybe upgrade faster.

Note that players won’t be able to instantly buy all the high-end stuff early on. Certain weapons can only be purchased at certain times.

Know that we are creating progression in terms of weapon crafting by only making available some weapon parts as you progress through the game. So it’s not like ‘oh I’m going to spend money now and I can be the most powerful player in Chapter 1.

And another thing that is important to know is that you can buy things in the marketplace with in-game currency. Things that your scavenger bot gets you. So you don’t have to spend dollars if you’re a hardcore player and put a lot of hours in – you’re going to be rewarded for that.

You can have your Scavenger bots lead you to spots that are rich in resources. Deploy them here to farm up all the materials. Additional resources can also be picked up from lockers and storage canisters.