Crytek Talks About Crysis Entering “New Space’ After Trilogy

Crytek has once again spoken about the future of Crysis, stating that the franchise is going “to enter new space” once the trilogy is completed.

Talking to Digitally Downloaded Michael Elliot Read, producer of Crysis 3 said that since it’s launch back in 2007, Crysis has proved to be a very important keystone property for the company. Once the trilogy is complete, the developers plan to explore different playing fields while keeping Crysis as their primary platform. That basically translates into future Crysis games but with different genres perhaps?

I think over the last five years we have built up a strong and identifiable franchise, especially in the FPS area.

We are now talking about what we can do in taking the Crysis franchise into a new space and do something different outside of the story we have been telling with this trilogy.

This is not the first time that someone from Crytek has spoken about entering newer territory with future Crysis games. Earlier this month, Read said that Crysis will not be done with the trilogy; the game still has a lot of life left and Crytek is pondering over exploring different genres.