Riot Bans More League of Legends Professional Players

Riot showed us that they are not afraid to take action against professional players who display toxic behavior, keeping in mind what an impact it can have on their careers. They banned the player iWillDominate a while back, and things quieted down since then, that is, until now.

Riot has now banned two more players, enVision, the jungler of the team Mousesports and Linak, the jungler of Against All Authority, both of whom have a history of bans and negative behavior. Both of them had “peak harassment score that placed the account among the worst 0.06% of all European accounts this month”.

In the past two months alone, the enVision account has been punished five times.

Linak, on the other hand, has a history of displaying toxic behavior not only in-game but outside it too and even in his stream. What this means for their careers is that neither of them will be eligible to compete in the LCS Season 3 Qualifiers and consequently, won’t get to compete later.