Report: Next PlayStation To Boast an 8 core CPU, 4GB Ultra-Fast RAM & more

2013 so far has seen to a lot of bombs being dropped regarding speculations of the next-gen consoles. Digital Foundry now reports that they have received “hard date” which tells us what hardware the next PlayStation will be boasting.

According to the report, Sony’s next-gen console is going to feature a monstrous eight-core CPU, which will be clocked at 1.6Ghz. Accompanying that will be 4GB of “ultra-fast” DDR5 RAM, of which 512MB RAM is said to be reserved for the operating system.

The console is going to include a Radeon HD GPU, which is rumored to be based off the Radeon 7970M, a high-end card for current PC enthusiasts. If true, then the card will run at 800Mhz and work to provide “cutting-edge visuals”.

Unconfirmed but there are also reports of addition of “a bespoke GPU-like ‘Compute’ module”, designed to handle CPU-intensive tasks like physics processing.

Sum all the above and you’ve got an extremely powerful machine sitting on your desk. Currently code-named PlayStation Orbis, it’s widely speculated that Sony will reveal their next-gen console in next couple of months.