Microsoft Hires Designer Behind ‘The Next Microsoft’ Project

When Andrew Kim’s personal project of re-imagining Microsoft’s brand and image went viral last year, he could never have guessed that as a result he would be offered a place in the same company.

A new update on his personal blog says that the young designer has agreed to join up with Microsoft, where he will start work this summer as part of their Xbox team.

Microsoft wasn’t the only one that wanted Kim on their team. The designer got requests from various companies but the ultimate decision of joining Microsoft was based purely on Kim’s view of Microsoft being an “exciting” place to work at.

The Next Microsoft” project was a total redesign of Microsoft’s branding and vision and ultimately got attention from major entities on the web. Kim’s new design brought out a much bolder statement from Microsoft, which he believed would greatly benefit the company.

It’s not currently known as to what specific spot Microsoft hired Kim on. Judging from his past work we can assume him to be working on the Xbox 720 branding now.