Halo 4 Community Maps Update for Forge, Plus New Spartan Ops

One of the first Halo 4 improvements is now available as an automatic update on Xbox Live. This marks the first out of four announced “improvements” to hit the market.

This update includes a playlist called “Community Forge Test,” which brings six new community-made maps directly into Forge. The maps are called Despair, Garrotte, Relay, Scyhte, Shutout and Simplex. Each of these community maps was handpicked by 343 Industries and are designed for 4v4 Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, SWAT and King of the Hill modes.

Not only are these maps selected because of their quality, but 343 also intends to use the maps for the testing of future maps. Not in a permanent playlist yet, these maps will only stay on the playlist for a limited time for testing, where you can submit your feedback on the maps in the Halo Waypoint forum.

Also, the sixth episode of Spartan Ops is now online, featuring five new co-op missions. This will be the last episode for an undisclosed time as Spartan Ops takes a hiatus.

Last but not least, two new armor specifications have made their way into Halo 4 for those who reach Service Rank 50 — Pioneer and Pathfinder. Previously, these armor upgrades were only available to those who purchased the game at its release. 343 Industries has said it will release another two armor specializations next month.

Source: Gameranx