GTA V: New Artwork Featuring ‘The Game’ Appears

Another piece of artwork for Grand Theft Auto 5 has found its way on the web, this time it’s a promotional artwork featuring rap artist The Game.

The image was posted on the Facebook page of the rapper’s clothes label ‘Money Gang’ and shows The Game himself holding on to a neck chain while standing in front of the American flag. Beneath are the logos of GTA V, Rockstar and an ESRB rating.

Currently it’s unknown if the work is fan-made or official. It does contain Rockstar’s logo and the art style is definitional similar to previous artworks we have seen from the studio for their game. Furthermore the rapper has previously hinted of working with the new GTA title, recording some tracks for the in-game radio station to be specific.

Noting all of that we may safely assume that the artwork is official and Rockstar would be uploading them to their page soon.