Grid 2: Team Management Feature Confirmed

Codemaster has let slip of a new feature that’s going to be included in the upcoming Grid 2 racer. The developer stated that the new feature would play a vital role in the sequel, as far as the topic of ‘longevity’ is concerned.

Grid 2 is going to incorporate a lot of features, one of which has been confirmed to be Team Management. According to the developer, users will once again be able to control the branding options for their vehicles. They can choose which sponsor can apply their brands, what paints to have on the tracks and in what events to participate in.

Codemasters have been relatively quite regarding Grid 2. Little is known or has been divulged except that the game will ditch its cockpit view.

Grid 2 is currently scheduled for a release this summer for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.