Game Director Talks About Future of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 came out with a vengeance last year, capturing a huge player base instantly and giving other MMOs a run for their money. It’s been almost six months since then, and one has to wonder if ArenaNet’s MMO is now running out of gas or not. Many players whom I know of have now grown bored with the game after playing it so extensively since its release. So what do the developers have in store of such players?

Game director Colin Johanson touched the subject during an interview where he talked about the future of Guild Wars 2. The world of ArenaNet’s MMO will definitely be expanded in the future and will see to great improvements, Johanson said. However, before that comes changes to the quest design, PvP and the most important, balancing issues. Regarding the latter, he mentioned that the development team is always looking at the different classes and if the need be then changes are going to be brought in.

Soon Guild Wars 2 is going to get ranks and achievements in the PvP system. By accessing achievements, players will be rewarded with Tokens that can be used as currency to buy new items. Alongside that the PvE experience is going to be improved as well. Johanson added that they are also planning to overhaul the loot system.