EA Announces SimCityEDU

It seems the fruits of a partnership between industry giant EA and non-profit company GlassLab have been announced. SimCityEDU is supposed to be a learning tool and online community where teachers can create and share lessons digitally. The program is supposed to teach students to think critically about the numerous problems facing modern cities and towns using the famous SimCity interface.

According to EA Maxis’ Senior Vice President Lucy Bradshaw:

For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging videogame that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay.

We want to up the ante of SimCity’s educational influence. Through our partnership with GlassLab, SimCity will become the foundation of a program to re-imagine learning in a way that will inspire today’s youth to get excited about STEM education and become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

The tool will probably come after the game itself is released on March 5, though beta testing begins January 25th.

Source: Business Wire