Amazon Lists GTA V for PC

A listing for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has been spotted on Amazon over the weekend.

The game appeared on Amazon’s UK, French and German websites where they labelled the release date as “Soon”. However, the UK site has since then removed the listing. You can still check the French site though for confirmation.

This latest development just adds more fuel to the fire that Rockstar is indeed working on a PC version for the new GTA title. The studio so far has only officially confirmed the console versions (PS3 and Xbox 360), adding that a PC version is still “up for consideration”.

It’s highly unlikely that GTA V will not be released for the PC. All previous titles in the series have so far had an appearance on the said platform, though they were released after considerable time following the release of the console versions. As an example, Grand Theft Auto IV was released on Windows eight months after.

If that’s the case then we may see GTA V on the PC around holiday time this year, that is if we’re lucky.