Skyrim DLC Finally Lands on PS3 Next Month, Will Be 50% Off During Launch Week

Tough luck for those who got tired of waiting for the DLCs and decided to sell off their copies of Skyrim on the PS3. For those who decided to stick around, all three of the pending DLCs: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and the latest Dragonborn will finally land on the PSN next month.

Dragonborn will be the first to be released and will be followed shortly by Hearthfire and then Dawnguard. All three packs will be for sale for 50% of their price during the launch week.

Additionally the Dragonborn DLC will also be released for the PC and will be available on Steam on February 5. Prior to that though, Update 1.8 will also be released which brings some bug fixes and overall stability to the game.

Previously Bethesda confessed that developing downloadable content for the PS3 was proving to be a difficult challenge. This eventually caused them to delay the expansion packs and it’s been a while since PS3 owners were able to taste something new in Skyrim.