Temple Run 2 Cheats, Tips and Tricks Guide

Temple Run 2, the sequel to studio Imangi’s insanely popular platformer game came out recently already we’re seeing people go nuts over it. As a result we decided to help you guys out in your never-ending escape from the temple with a small guide with some small but effective tips to max out your high score.

1# Rule number one, the Golden (green) rule; collect all the green gems you find. Seriously, nab that thing like it’s your lifeline (which it is in a way)

2# Get all the coins.

3# No really, all the coins. You need them later to upgrade your abilities that help you stay in game longer so you can collect more coins so you can upgrade more so you can collect more! Simple, no?

4# A sneaky new thing they have added in the game is a bunch of new scenery. It tends to distract you but remember to keep a sharp eye on the track! Within the first minute or so, you’ll come upon this huge stone structure suspended in mid-air. Don’t jump into it expecting to latch onto something. It’s a trap that’ll send your hero plummeting to his or her doom. Instead, swipe left or right to make a turn.

5# Use power-ups, many people either forget or are too ‘Hardcore’ for them but they help, here is a list of powerups:

  • Shield: Helps protect you from obstacles.
  • Coin Bonus: Instant 50 coin bonus. Buy Barry Bones to unlock.
  • Boost: Engages Boost instantly. Buy Scarlett Fox to unlock.
  • Score Bonus: Instant 500 point bonus. Buy Karma Lee to unlock.
  • Coin Magnet: Engages Coin Magnet instantly. Requires Level five.
  • Gem Bonus: Instant two gem bonus. Requires Level 10.

6# Remember to upgrade your abilities and Like Temple Run 2 on Facebook to get a free Gem, and/or follow them on Twitter to get 250 free coins.