PS4 To Feature New Controller Design

CVG reports that Sony’s next-generation console, currently tagged as the PS4 will abandon the current DualShock design for its controllers.

One source from a major games studio working on an upcoming Sony game told CVG that a number of designs have been proposed for the new controllers. However, very few of them resemble the current DualShock style, while some include biometric sensors on the grips and a LCD touch screen.

Another source from the industry said that Sony is “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”. The source suggested that Sony is going to fully integrate their portable and home console systems.

The DualShock design was first introduced for the PlayStation back in 1997. Over the years Sony kept on adding features such as wireless and motion control capabilities in bits but the main design was kept intact.

It is strongly speculated that Sony will announce their new console within this year. According to some that announcement might be coming next month.