Wii U Ad Removed For Misleading Customers

In the UK, a television ad for the Wii U was pulled for being mildly misleading. The ad, which has been provided for your viewing pleasure below, showcased the Wii U’s ability to play games on both the TV and the GamePad. While the GamePad can technically play any game on its screen, not every developer implements this feature, which formed the basis of the arguments from both sides, on whether or not this commercial was misleading or not.

Nintendo of Europe argued that there were many title specific features shown off within the commercial. While that’s true, the ASA didn’t believe that the average consumer would have thought that every game would have those features available for every game.

The final ruling of the ASA was as such:

We considered that the option to switch gameplay to the GamePad controller could be available on all games, and as this was a new console consumers would not have an awareness of whether this was something specific to individual games or a general feature of the console. We considered that, in this context, the ad should have made clear that this feature would not be available on all games. Because it did not, we concluded the ad was misleading.