Resident Evil 6: Second Update To Bring New Features

One month after the release of the first title update for Resident Evil 6, publisher Capcom has announced a second patch update which will add a number of new features.

The new update will enable players to now re-play any selected level of their choice and will bring new settings before start of each play. The new options will allow players to choose from Friendly, Infinite Ammo or limit the region of other players.

The barrier of having to finish the game in order to enter other players’ games as a demonic being is now gone. Players will now be able to haunt their friends right off the

The difficulty of many levels have been adjusted and now you can also use the QTE Assist function on all difficulties. Resident Evil 6 was released last year and failed to do justice to the hype surrounding it. The game got average scores from major reviewers.