The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 Continues with Episode 4

The latest episode of Crytek’s “7 Wonders” showcase for Crysis 3 shows off the deadly new Typhoon.

The Typhoon. Even it’s name sounds somewhat dangerous, invoking thoughts of the deadliest acts of nature. In the world of Crysis 3, it’s the name of a new kind of machine gun that’s been designed for just one thing: All out destruction of the Ceph.

To call it a “heavy machine gun” would be putting it lightly. The Typhoon is a behemoth of a gun that can fire more than 500 rounds a second from the ten barrels that it’s armed with. This is a weapon that was designed for the most destructive of tasks and it’s going to be highly efficient at what it does.

The trailer shows the destructive potential of the Typhoon as the protagonist of Crysis 3, Prophet, runs about the game and rains death upon the ceph that have invaded the city.