League of Legends Introduces New League System in Ranked

League of Legends developer Riot has decided to implement a new league system for its ranked players. The new system is quite clever in that it combines the old Elo system for matchmaking with the new league system that emphasizes progression.

Here is a breakdown of the new system and it might sound complicated at first but Riot has made this neat infographic that helps simplify things.

First of all, instead of one giant ladder containing all the players the tiers now have multiple ladders called leagues. To show your progression through a league ladder there are further divisions aptly called division. By winning ranked games you will gain league points, if you lose ranked games you lose points. After earning a hundred league points you can play an advancement series which moves you up a division and if you are in the first division you will get the chance to move up a tier. To move up a division you have to win a best of 3 series and if you are playing to advance to the next tier you have to win a best of five series.

Furthermore, losing points will bring you down to a lower division but you won’t ever go down a tier meaning that you will be in the lowest division of your tier and can climb back up without a huge loss.

In effect this could help people progress out of what has been titled Elo hell. Also while concentrating competition it will lessen the more toxic nature of competition.