Gabe Newell Said No To Hollywood

Valve founder Gabe Newell was featured on two podcasts of the Nerdist. During the interview, they touched upon the many aspects of the gaming industry. Stuff we have heard beaten to death oh so many times before.

However, the teeny-weeny bit of information did pop up, which until now, had been kept under the wraps. According to Newell, Hollywood has approached him numerous times about making films based on the company’s properties. The names of Half Life and Left for the Dead specifically did come up in this part of the conversation.
Gabe Newell gave these reasons for his stance:

They didn’t understand why people were fans of the things that we had. They weren’t capturing it, they were picking some detail that jumped out at them without ever being enthusiastic or passionate about it and saying, ‘well, we’ll do this

Considering what kinds of ideas were pitched to Newell, I do not think that he made the wrong choice.

There really were people who came to us with proposals of: ‘Okay, it’s Half-Life 1, and there are horses, and it’s a cavalry charge, and it’s high-tech carbon armor on the horses… And we were like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? Have you even played this?