Full House Poker Coming To Xbox 360 as Free-To-Play

Microsoft is bringing another addition to their free-to-play library of games on the Xbox 360. The firm announced World Series of Poker: Full House to land this Spring on their console and Windows 8 devices.

Players will be given the freedom to personalize their experience with “flashy avatar accessories, amazing chip tricks, and real-world casinos”. Every day players will be given a stack of chips to play. However, Microsoft has yet to reveal if players will be able to buy more and if so then what will be the pricing.

Just because the game is free does not mean that Microsoft will be laying their focus else where. The firm promised “a constant stream” of updates and new content. free.

Full House Poker is the second addition to their free-to-play experiment, following massively-multiplayer XBLA battler Happy Wars, which costs nothing to play for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.