Finally, ARMA 3 Devs Released From Jail

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, the two Bohemia Interactive developers who have been imprisoned in Greece since last September, on the charges of espionage, have now been released from jail. After paying a bail of €5,000 each, they’re now allowed to return to their homes in the Czech Republic.

This whole dilemma started last year when Buchta and Pezler were arrested, after they were caught photographing military installations.

The case was so widely reported that it was even brought to the attention of Czech President, Václav Klaus, who was instrumental in getting this misunderstanding resolved.

Dean “Rocket” Hall, the creator of DayZ and fellow Bohemian Interactive employee was elated to hear of their return, and expressed as much on his twitter account.

Ivan and Martin have been bailed after 128 days!