Far Cry 3: Hide Tides PS3 Exclusive DLC Now Available

Sony has announced the High Tides DLC pack for Far Cry 3 to be available today exclusively for the PS3 and it will be free of charge. The content pack contains two new maps for the co-op campaign and additional skins for all four characters.

Both co-op missions has Hoyt’s privateers take the four survivors as hostages after ambushing them. Your team’s job is to escape through an underground prison and find a way off the island before you’re caught.

The above mentioned new skins have a Rakyat tribe theme, which comes with tribal tattoos and such for each character.

In Far Cry 3’s co-op missions, you can play online with up to two or four players or offline in splint screen mode with a friend. Either way you’re required to work together with your partner(s) in order to survive.