You Can Download NBA 2K13 ‘All Star’ DLC Now

Many people had the foresight to pre-order NBA 2k13, and since then they’ve been sitting on their thrones made of pre-order exclusive content laughing at us silly peasants for months.

Until now.

The ‘All Star’ downloadable content for Xbox 360 and PS3 will cost you about 400MSP ($5) and includes four unique events: the Foot Locker three-point shootout, BBVA Rising Stars challenge game, Sprite slam dunk contest and the East vs West All-Star game.

Additionally, fans can connect their MyPLAYER avatar with this content and participate in the Slam Dunk Contest or Three Point Shootout, should they be worthy of invitation to the activities.

Rise my fellow dunkers! Take this chance to usurp the power of the Pre-Orderers!