Telltale Games Compensating For The Walking Dead Hitching Bug

In case you didn’t know, there is a severe problem with the retail Xbox 360 version of The Walking dead game that causes some users to suffer quite a bit of hitching and issues with saved games disappearing.

The developer has looking into the issue very carefully and has determined that the hitching issue occurs only for people who own a 4GB Xbox 360 (with no hard drive attached). The problem also only arises for retail copies of the game as well so digital purchasers are unaffected.

Telltale has suggested that people purchase a hard drive for the console to solve the issue but if the consumer does not wish to then they offer another solution. The studio has posted a claim redemption form with detailed instructions for the process.

Owners of the Xbox 360 retail version do not have to ship the disc to Telltale; instead, they must send via email or snail mail the completed claim form, proof of purchase for the retail Xbox 360 game and proof of ownership of a 4 GB Xbox 360.

Once the above steps are completed and Telltale has run some checks, it will email the customer codes for all five episodes on XBLA. According to the company, the process could take as long as four weeks.

As for the problem with save files being deleted suddenly, Telltale has determined this only happens to those who are playing offline with an online-enabled Xbox Live Silver or Gold account. Support representative MattP said that the problem can be solved simply by playing online with that account, or using a separate offline account.

The company stated that it has found fixes for both these issues and is working to get them into the next patch.

Source. TellTale, Games