Rapper ‘The Alchemist’ Said To Be Working With Rockstar On GTA 5

US rapper Alan Daniel, better known as The Alchemist is rumored to have worked on a song for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5.

PCGames reports that the information was taken from Daniel’s Twitter account where he mentioned working with Rockstar on GTA 5.

He also posted the name Night Ride FM, which could possibly be the name of a radio station in the upcoming game. The tweets however, were soon deleted afterwards.

This is not the first time that Daniel has had a run in with a GTA game. Previously the artist has worked on songs for GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Rockstar are going a step beyond this time with the in-game radio station, pumping it with as many channels as possible.

Many other artists have already been rumored to have contributed to various musical genres. It would make sense to ask The Alchemist to add his own flavor to the game as well.

About the messaging service Twitter Alan Daniel Maman has recently announced that he and Rockstar Games to a track for GTA 5 is working.

GTA 5 is said to launch in Spring of 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version is under consideration.