Video Games To Be Installed In All Urinals Across London

This world just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. If you are one of those people who like to do some light reading while sitting on the shitter, we have a bit of news that may interest you. A London-based company, Captive Media, has raised over 700k just to install video games console on the urinals in all toilets across London.

If you are worried with getting your hands dirty with other people’s pee then fear no more this video game system will be completely hands-free. In fact, it will be utilizing infra-red sensors to detect your urine stream which it will take as an input command.Too bad for all the women gamers out there.

Currently, the games on offer on these systems are of the racing and the trivia genre.
Several urinals have already been outfitted with this technology, and others will be outfitted with it soon enough. Furthermore, the company, Captive Media aims to bring their new innovation to Ireland, France and even America too.
Funnily enough Sony has already implied this idea in Japan called Toylet in Tokyo.